One Florida Orange A Day Keep the Flu Away?

florida orange nutritionSchool has begun and along with it comes flu season. More time indoors exposes us to more viruses and bacteria that bring on the common cold. Experts agree that increasing your dietary intake of Vitamin C boosts your immunity. So what foods contain Vitamin C? Florida oranges, of course! Florida oranges are just one of the food sources you can rely on to get a tasty and sweet dose of your daily Vitamin C.

So just what are the benefits of Vitamin C you say? And will it really help keep the flu away?

According the WebMD, Vitamin C provides the following benefits:

  • protection against immune system deficiencies
  • help with cardiovascular disease
  • improve prenatal health
  • help with eye disease
  • help keep your skin from wrinkling as much!

As WebMD states, “A recent study published in Seminars in Preventive and Alternative Medicine that looked at over 100 studies over 10 years revealed a growing list of benefits of vitamin C.”

To achieve the maximum benefit of Vitamin C, the study suggested to intake 500 mg daily. Each Florida orange contains around 70mg of Vitamin C. That’s a reason to eat 7 tasty, sweet, healthy Florida oranges every day! Or if you don’t want to enjoy that many Florida oranges a day, you can take a vitamin C supplement and eat one Florida orange a day to keep the doctor away 🙂 No matter what your daily intake of delicious Florida oranges, you can order them fresh here at Orange Ring. We offer monthly deliveries of this yummy fruit through our Fruit of the Month clubs. Each of our Florida oranges are handpicked and guaranteed fresh. Order the highest quality Indian River oranges today through

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