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February is National Grapefruit Month

National Grapefruit Month is celebrated in February.  This month we celebrate the fruit known in scientific circles as Citrus paradisi, or “Fruit from Paradise”: the grapefruit.Grapefruit Month

The History of Grapefruit

Grapefruit were first discovered in the forest of the Caribbean island, Barbados. A natural hybridization of the pomelo and the orange, It is one of the most widely-cultivated fruits in the United States today.  The grapefruit tree is a subtropical, evergreen, medium sized tree, which grows to about 45 feet in height, with the fruit growing in clusters (hence, the name grapefruit).  The fruit can be white, pink, or Ruby Red, and can have few or many seeds.

Some facts about grapefruit:
  • Each fruit contains 10 to 12 sections, called arils. A grapefruit can be sectioned and eaten like an orange.
  • A grapefruit is 75% juice. One medium grapefruit will give you about 2/3 cup of juice.
  • Freshly-squeezed grapefruit juice, when stored covered in the refrigerator, will retain 98% of its Vitamin C for up to a week.
  • Seventy percent of the grapefruit grown in Florida is grown in an approximately 200-mile-long strip of land along the Atlantic Coast known as the Indian River Citrus District.

The health benefits of eating red grapefruit in particular are well documented.  To find out more, please see our blog post from last May, “Health Benefits of Red Grapefruit”.

Grapefruit are in season in Florida from October to May.  After purchasing, they can be kept at room temperature for a few days. For longer storage place them in the fruit/vegetable compartment of your refrigerator.  They will keep well for up to 3 weeks.

Celebrate National Grapefruit Month

You can purchase our grove-fresh Ruby Red Grapefruit at by themselves, or in combination with other varieties we offer in season, such as our Navel Oranges, Valencia Oranges, Sol Zest Mandarins, Honeybell Tangelos, and Tangerines. Order some today and celebrate National Grapefruit Month!

Corporate Gifts: Picking the Right Fruit Gift For Your Boss/Employees

corporate fruit giftWe are in the gift giving season with Thanksgiving, Christmas and Hanukkah arriving quickly. As a good boss or good employee, you want to make sure you are giving an appropriate gift to your co-worker. Here are Orange Ring, we have a great selection of corporate gifts that are healthy, easy to order and is something they can actually use at work. Who wouldn’t enjoy snacking on fresh Indian River citrus during the work day?

Consider these corporate gifts for your employees, co-worker or boss:

  • Seasons Greetings Gift Basket. Combining all the things office workers love: a festive red holiday gift basket filled with Navel Oranges, Indian River Red Grapefruit, with a variety of nuts, cookies and coffee.
  • Holiday Deluxe Fruit Basket. Our Holiday gift baket is loaded with juicy Navels and Indian River Red Grapfruit. We’ve dressed it up for the holidays and addin and extra touch of Christmas with milk chocolate cranberries, gingerbread cookies, holiday blend coffee and peppermint divinity. This makes a memorable gift!
  • Traditional Grove Gift Basket. Our Traditional Grove Basket is intentionally reminiscent of the times when wooden crates were the novelty. This nostalgic basket is overflowing with 20 pounds of Navel Oranges and Indian River Red grapefruit, picked when their flavor is at its peak. Great to show your co-worker you appreciate them!
  • Key Lime Dessert Lover. The Key Lime Pie is Florida’s state pie. Give your co-worker a vacation to the Florida keys! Travel there year round through the cool, crisp flavors this basket of gourmet goodies. This gift basket includes the following items: Key Lime Juice 16-ounce, Key Lime Cheese Ball & Dessert Mix, Key Lime Créme Brulée, Key Lime Rum Cake, Key Lime Pie Filling & Key Lime Desserts by Joyce LaFray.

These fruit gifts are available for order 24/7 at You can be sure our Indian River citrusis fresh picked and shipped daily.

Ways to Express Gratitude This Thanksgiving Season

Thanksgiving-Cut-Off-bannerWhether your your Thanksgiving traditions are the same year after year or if you are going somewhere different this Thanksgiving, it is a very nice gesture to offer the host a gift of thanks. Consider what the work and preparation the Thanksgiving host has had to do in order to host Thanksgiving festivities! From decoration, recipe planning, food purchase to the actual preparation and serving of the food- a lot of love and effort has been made.

Here are some gift ideas to show your gratitude to your Thanskgiving host:

  • Thank You Gift Box. Our famous Indian River citrus speaks for itself. Choose either nine sweet Florida Oranges or six sun-sweetened Indian River Grapefruit or 15 Tangerines. Combine two of the most popular Indian River citrus varieties for a gift they will all enjoy. It’s sized and priced for gifting!
  • Florida Hostess Basket. Nearly 11 pounds of mouth-watering Florida citrus; Florida Oranges and Indian River Red Grapefruit join our popular key lime cookies and citrus marmalades in a woven basket. The perfect Florida hostess gift. Contains 11 lbs of citrus (oranges in season and red grapefruit), Key Lime Coolers Cookies, Florida Marmalades and two assorted 3-ounce jars.
  • Ring in the Holidays. Help them be ready to celebrate the Christmas / Hanukkah holiday! Ring in the holidays with this joyful gift of sweet Florida Navel Oranges, Indian River Red Grapefruit adorned by delicious bell-shaped chocolates. Give a gift of sunshine with a little holiday flair.
  • Holiday Citrus Wreath. Give them something to enjoy during the holidays! Delicious Navel Oranges and Indian River Grapefruit paired with milk chocolate covered cranberries. Citrus and cranberries; the perfect combination for any time of the year.
  • Holiday Deluxe Fruit Basket. Our Holiday gift basket is loaded with juicy Navels and Indian River Red Grapfruit. We’ve dressed it up for the holidays and added an extra touch of Christmas with milk chocolate cranberries, gingerbread cookies, holiday blend coffee and peppermint divinity. This makes a memorable gift!
  • Honeybell Orange Cake. Give them a taste of Florida. Our Honeybell Orange Bundt Cake is as refreshing as a glass of fresh squeezed pure Florida sunshine! Our moist vanilla cake batter is blended with the sweet flavor of genuine juice from grove fresh Honeybell Tangelos. Light and citrusy, each golden slice of cake glows as bright as a warm island sunset. Garnish with a twist of orange to showcase this cake’s brilliant color. 24 oz. cake.

You Thanksgiving host would appreciate any of these delicious Indian River citrus fruit gifts. You can shop Orange Ring’s full selection of citrus fruit gifts at

The Perfect Fruit Gift: Build Your Own Box of Fruit!

build-your-ownWhen searching for the perfect fruit gift for your family members or friends, sometimes you can’t find that perfect fruit combination you know they would love. Orange Ring has heard your feedback and we have put together a new shopping cart functionality: Build Your Own Box!

What can you include in these fruit gift boxes?

  • Cara Cara Red Navel Oranges
  • Florida Tangerines
  • Navel Oranges
  • Ruby Red Grapefruit
  • Sol Zest Mandarins
  • Honeybells
  • Sweet Lee Oranges

Now you can build a fruit gift box that includes a delicious selection of fresh Indian River citrus. Our Florida citrus is available based on when they become the most ripe, so please make sure to check the Fruit Calendar so you can anticipate when your oranges will be available.

You can order more than one tray at a time. We actually offer a package discount for ordering 4 trays of Florida citrus! Shop today and build the perfect fruit gift for your friend or loved one.

Fruit of the Month Club

indian river citrusHave you ever had the chance of tasting the sweet taste of a freshly picked, ripe Florida orange? The bold flavor of Indian River oranges, Indian River grapefruit and Indian River tangerines exude the world-renowned quality of Indian River citrus. That’s why we have created the Fruit of the Month Club! This allows you to choose someone you would love to share the experience of Indian River citrus with and share a fruit tray during the Indian River citrus season. We have 2 types to choose from: a 3 month and a 5 month fruit club. This allows you to pick the month that a specific fruit is in season and ship them to that special person.

The month and citrus that is in season is outlined in this table:

Mid November- Navel Oranges & Ruby Red Grapefruit
December- Navel Oranges & Ruby Red Grapefruit
January- Honeybells & Ruby Red Grapefruit
February- Florida Oranges & Ruby Red Grapefruit
March- Honey Tangerines & Ruby Red Grapefruit
April- Valencia Oranges

You can also reference our fruit calendar for a more comprehensive list.

Be sure to check out our Orange Ring website and put in your order for a 3 month or 5 month of the club as the season is short and you don’t want to miss out! Order your fruit of the month club subscription at

The Superiority of Indian River Oranges

indian river oranges
Photo courtesy of the Indian River Citrus League

Florida Oranges, they are world-renowned and known for their flavor, quality and juice! But do you know what part of Florida the best of the best oranges are grown? That’s right, Indian River oranges are the finest in the world today.

Why are Indian River oranges superior? Consider these 3 factors:

  • Temperature protection. The unique geographic location Indian River oranges have to the gulf stream protect it from the freezing temperatures the rest of the state of Florida might suffer from. The shape of Florida in the particular section Indian River oranges grow juts out more eastward into the ocean than any other section of the state, situating the Indian River oranges out in the warm ocean.
  • Flat geography. Most of Florida is flat, and Indian River oranges benefit from that. Orange groves can actually flood their fields with warm water when a cold front is on the way to the Indian River area. The water radiates heat through the cold snap, keeping the Indian River oranges protected from the cold.
  • Coquina limestone. Indian River oranges and Indian River grapefruit tap into the minerals provided by the coquina limestone unique to Florida. The minerals and nutrients provided by the coquina limestone fuel the Indian River citrus during their growing cycle.

Did you know that 8-10 million crates of Indian River oranges are shipped to the north east each year and the biggest consumers of Indian River Citrus is Japan? 95% of all citrus that is exported out of the US goes to Japan, comprising of 11 million cartons a year! Europe consumes ~5 million cartons per year and historically 80% of this fruit comes from Indian River Citrus. As of right now, Indian River Citrus is shipped to over 23 countries making this a global delicacy! So the next time you go to the store, make sure you grab a Florida Orange grown right here in the Indian River area and you know how lucky you are to have access to the best oranges in the world! Send fruit trays and fruit baskets of Indian River oranges to your friends and family on

Florida Grapefruit – Top it, Squeeze it, Pair it

Florida grapefruit makes a sweet and tangy addition to any dish.We would like to share some unique ways to enjoy the vibrant flavors of Florida grapefruit any time of the day. Give your menu a makeover and utilize some of these ideas. Florida Grapefruit is a versatile sweet treat that is the perfect complement to other foods. Adding a unique punch of flavor and nutrients to your everyday dishes will spice up your dishes and increase your daily nutrients to stay healthy and happy.  Try one of these ideas today.

Top It!Florida Red Grapefruit

  1. Bake half a red grapefruit and top it with brown sugar.
  2. Top it with a spoonful of honey or maple syrup.
  3. Place a dash of cinnamon or nutmeg on top a red grapefruit

Squeeze It!

  1. Squeeze grapefruit juice onto chicken to marinate.
  2. For and extra zing, squeeze grapefruit juice into smoothies.
  3. Squeeze grapefruit juice into ice pop holders for a tangy frozen treat.

Pair it!Florida grapefruit white and red

  1. Add red and white grapefruit to fruit salads.
  2. Pair it with fish, chicken or beef for a delicious grilled kabob.
  3. Add tangy flavor to your chicken or shrimp stir fry with Florida grapefruit

Add exciting flavor to your food with sweet and tangy Florida Grapefruit!

Benefits of Red Grapefruit

Ruby red grapefruit contains a lot of vitamins, minerals and nutrients that your body needs for good health. These elements also make the food very good for treating, fighting, or warding off varying illnesses and health conditions. Some of the vitamins in this fruit include Vitamin C, Riboflavin, Thiamin, Niacin, Vitamin A, Vitamin K, and Vitamin B12. Minerals include calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, sodium and zinc. The fruit also contains three amino acids.

There are many benefits to all of these vitamins and minerals. The special fiber of ruby red grapefruit is particularly good for lowering cholesterol. Studies have proven that consuming grapefruit daily will lower LDL cholesterol and triglycerides. The high potassium of the fruit also helps lower blood pressure with daily consumption.

If you have a digestive problem relating to acidity in the digestive system, grapefruit can help. Although it is sour, it actually has an alkaline effect after digestion. Ruby red grapefruit also increases the flow of gastric juices, which aids in digestion if you have a digestive disorder.

Diabetes patients and those at risk for diabetes can also benefit. Eating this fruit, which is completely safe for diabetics, will reduce the starches and sweets in your system. This can help you control blood sugar, and ward off diabetes.

Because it is packed with vitamins and minerals that the body needs to keep going, ruby red grapefruit is very good for fighting off fatigue. At the same time, the fruit also has properties that help you eliminate insomnia and promote sleep.

Most remarkably, ruby red grapefruit can help stave off certain cancers. The amino acids and antioxidants in the fruit will help fight off free radicals that can cause cancer. In addition, studies have shown that it provides protection against colon cancer and lung cancer. The fruit reduces enzymes that trigger chemicals that are responsible for the cancers.

Even while this Florida citrus fruit is very good for you, some people should avoid grapefruit. Certain medications can interact with grapefruit properties and cause harmful side effects. Before starting a daily regimen of this fruit, you should talk with your doctor to ensure it is the right choice for you.