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Fruit of the Month Club

indian river citrusHave you ever had the chance of tasting the sweet taste of a freshly picked, ripe Florida orange? The bold flavor of Indian River oranges, Indian River grapefruit and Indian River tangerines exude the world-renowned quality of Indian River citrus. That’s why we have created the Fruit of the Month Club! This allows you to choose someone you would love to share the experience of Indian River citrus with and share a fruit tray during the Indian River citrus season. We have 2 types to choose from: a 3 month and a 5 month fruit club. This allows you to pick the month that a specific fruit is in season and ship them to that special person.

The month and citrus that is in season is outlined in this table:

Mid November- Navel Oranges & Ruby Red Grapefruit
December- Navel Oranges & Ruby Red Grapefruit
January- Honeybells & Ruby Red Grapefruit
February- Florida Oranges & Ruby Red Grapefruit
March- Honey Tangerines & Ruby Red Grapefruit
April- Valencia Oranges

You can also reference our fruit calendar for a more comprehensive list.

Be sure to check out our Orange Ring website and put in your order for a 3 month or 5 month of the club as the season is short and you don’t want to miss out! Order your fruit of the month club subscription at

Florida Specialty Citrus

Unique Florida Specialty Citrus

Sol Zest Mandarins

Florida Specialty Citrus Sol Zest MandarinsFinding many Florida specialty citrus varieties is not always easy. They cannot always be found in your local grocery market. However, if you are looking for something, new, unique and fresh off the tree you have come to the right place. Orange Ring is proud to offer  Florida Mandarin known as “Sol Zest” mandarins full of amazing grove –fresh flavor and delicious juice. This fairly new variety is thin skinned, easy to peel, virtually seedless and sweetened by the sun.

This variety is available from Orange Ring from November through February. Buying this rare and unique Florida Specialty citrus fruit directly from a trustworthy Florida grove and gift fruit shipper, means you will receive the best Florida Mandarins available. They are at the peak of their flavor in December and make an ideal tasty, healthy and thoughtful gift to send to your family and friends. We only send the freshest and sweetest mandarins for all to enjoy. Once you try these rare gems you will come back for more. However, remember they are only available for a few months and the demand is high as the word spreads about these wonderful, uniquely delicious mandarins.


Florida Specialty Citrus HoneybellsHoneybells is an extraordinary hybrid-citrus variety that has a very short season. This Florida Specialty Citrus is harvested in January and packed and shipped daily. We have decades of experience and our groves are located in Indian River County where some of the best Honeybells in Florida are grown.

Customers gladly wait for these one of a kind sweetness. The Honeybell makes a great gift to give to anyone on your gift list especially those people that are difficult to buy for during the holidays. This is a unique and exceptional gift. Since they are not available to ship until January, we send an announcement card to the recipient letting them know their honeybells are on their way.

Florida gift fruit, especially the hard to find Florida specialty citrus gift fruit varieties are shipped directly to your home and is the highest quality citrus you will every find. No more missing out on your favorite variety because you cannot find it in your local grocery market.  Your shopping experience will be quick, easy and convenient. Simply call or order online.