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The Superiority of Indian River Oranges

indian river oranges
Photo courtesy of the Indian River Citrus League

Florida Oranges, they are world-renowned and known for their flavor, quality and juice! But do you know what part of Florida the best of the best oranges are grown? That’s right, Indian River oranges are the finest in the world today.

Why are Indian River oranges superior? Consider these 3 factors:

  • Temperature protection. The unique geographic location Indian River oranges have to the gulf stream protect it from the freezing temperatures the rest of the state of Florida might suffer from. The shape of Florida in the particular section Indian River oranges grow juts out more eastward into the ocean than any other section of the state, situating the Indian River oranges out in the warm ocean.
  • Flat geography. Most of Florida is flat, and Indian River oranges benefit from that. Orange groves can actually flood their fields with warm water when a cold front is on the way to the Indian River area. The water radiates heat through the cold snap, keeping the Indian River oranges protected from the cold.
  • Coquina limestone. Indian River oranges and Indian River grapefruit tap into the minerals provided by the coquina limestone unique to Florida. The minerals and nutrients provided by the coquina limestone fuel the Indian River citrus during their growing cycle.

Did you know that 8-10 million crates of Indian River oranges are shipped to the north east each year and the biggest consumers of Indian River Citrus is Japan? 95% of all citrus that is exported out of the US goes to Japan, comprising of 11 million cartons a year! Europe consumes ~5 million cartons per year and historically 80% of this fruit comes from Indian River Citrus. As of right now, Indian River Citrus is shipped to over 23 countries making this a global delicacy! So the next time you go to the store, make sure you grab a Florida Orange grown right here in the Indian River area and you know how lucky you are to have access to the best oranges in the world! Send fruit trays and fruit baskets of Indian River oranges to your friends and family on orangering.com.

Orange Infused Water Using Florida Oranges

florida orangesFlorida oranges, they are the fruit of choice during the winter months of Florida. They provide a juicy snack, great juice to drink and also a great source of Vitamin C to fight colds. Did you know water is one of the many ways you can consume Florida oranges and still get the added benefits? Water is great for hydration but lacks the benefit of added Vitamin C and flavor.

The latest trend is Florida orange infused water!

But how do you do this?

  • Take 1 Florida orange, peel it into thin slices
  • Drop the slices into a pitcher of room temperature / lukewarm water
  • Place the pitcher of water in the fridge.

How does it work?

Slicing the Florida oranges and putting them into water creates the maximum amount of surface area to transfer the wonderful flavor and nutrients into the water, thus infusing your water with the wonderful health benefits of Florida oranges. The warm water begins to pull flavor and vitamin C out of the oranges and mix it in with the water adding wonderful flavor and all the added benefits.  So the next time you are wanting to enhance your water for your next workout or party, try some Florida orange infused water! You can purchase fresh Florida oranges picked daily at orangering.com.


10 Reasons Why You Should Eat Florida Oranges

florida orangesFlorida oranges are tasty and sweet, but they are extremely healthy too! We want you to consider these 10 reasons to eat Florida Oranges every day:

  1. Florida oranges detoxify your body. Every part of the orange contains antioxidants (even the zest and skin!) that help oxygen move throughout your body.
  2. Florida oranges protect your skin from free radicals. Free radicals are one of the contributing factors that make you look older. Need we say more? 🙂
  3. Florida oranges reduce your risk for heart disease. If you eat florida oranges regularly, your risk can be reduced as much as 50%!
  4. Florida oranges contain Vitamin B folate. This vitamin helps prevent birth defects and protects the heart.
  5. Florida oranges contain potassium. Potassium help keeps body fluid levels in proper balance. One florida orange contains 7% of your recommended daily intake.
  6. Florida oranges contain chemicals that help fight skin cancer, giving your body an additional defense during sun exposure!
  7. Florida oranges contain phytochemicals, which help with age-related diseases. Phytochemicals protect the cells within your body.
  8. Florida oranges contian lumonoids. Studies show that lumonoids help protect against skin, colon, breast, mouth, stomach and lung cancer.
  9. Florida oranges contain pectin. Pectin supresses your apptetite for up to 4 hours! This is great if you are looking for a healthy way to lose weight. Pectin also helps reduce cholesterol levels.
  10. Florida oranges contain Vitamin C. Eating just one Florida oranges gives you 67% of your daily allowance of Vitamin C. Immunity, disease resistance and wound healing are all aided by Vitamin C.

As you can see, Florida oranges are truly a powerful fruit for your health. Here at OrangeRing, we handpick our Florida oranges and ship our oranges daily to give you the best quality and health benefit. Order online today: orangering.com.

Health Benefits of Florida Oranges

You may not realize just how healthy of a snack you are eating when you bite into a juicy Florida orange! Florida oranges are packed with Vitamin C, fiber, folate, vitamin B1, potassium and calcium. Over 93% if its nutrient composition is Vitamin C, which studies have shown can help with immunity and prevention of cancer.

Florida oranges have the following health benefits:

  • Help with asthma
  • Help with bronchitis
  • Help with pneumonia
  • Prevent kidney stones
  • Help lower cholesterol
  • Help prevent diabetes
  • Help with high blood pressure
  • Help with tuberculosis
  • Help with arthritis
  • Helps with alcoholism
  • Decreases mucus
  • Help with rheumatism
  • Promote clear skin
  • Prevent stroke
  • Prevent cancer
  • Promote heart health

Florida oranges are low in calories but contain many nutrients. They also contain over 170 phytochemicals and 60 flaonoids, all which help contribute to the antioxidant effects and anti-inflammatory benefits of Florida oranges.
So just what is the nutritional breakdown of Florida oranges? One oranges contains:

  • 80 calories
  • 0 grams of fat
  • 250 milligrams of potassium
  • 19 grams of carbohydrate (which breaks down to 14 grams of sugar and 3 grams of fiber)
  • 1 gram of protein

Of your recommended daily intake, Florida oranges provide 130% of your Vitamin C, 2% of Vitamin A and 6% of calcium. Florida oranges are such a benefit to your daily nutrition, it really should be “one orange a day keeps the doctor away!”. So now that you are more aware of the health benefits of Florida oranges, where can you get some? Visit orangering.com to get fresh picked, shipped daily Florida oranges. We offer a great variety of Florida oranges to suit your need for the super sweet or super tangy. Shop online for easy ordering and check out our Fruit of the Month clubs to get fresh Florida oranges to your door throughout the season!

florida oranges

One Florida Orange A Day Keep the Flu Away?

florida orange nutritionSchool has begun and along with it comes flu season. More time indoors exposes us to more viruses and bacteria that bring on the common cold. Experts agree that increasing your dietary intake of Vitamin C boosts your immunity. So what foods contain Vitamin C? Florida oranges, of course! Florida oranges are just one of the food sources you can rely on to get a tasty and sweet dose of your daily Vitamin C.

So just what are the benefits of Vitamin C you say? And will it really help keep the flu away?

According the WebMD, Vitamin C provides the following benefits:

  • protection against immune system deficiencies
  • help with cardiovascular disease
  • improve prenatal health
  • help with eye disease
  • help keep your skin from wrinkling as much!

As WebMD states, “A recent study published in Seminars in Preventive and Alternative Medicine that looked at over 100 studies over 10 years revealed a growing list of benefits of vitamin C.”

To achieve the maximum benefit of Vitamin C, the study suggested to intake 500 mg daily. Each Florida orange contains around 70mg of Vitamin C. That’s a reason to eat 7 tasty, sweet, healthy Florida oranges every day! Or if you don’t want to enjoy that many Florida oranges a day, you can take a vitamin C supplement and eat one Florida orange a day to keep the doctor away 🙂 No matter what your daily intake of delicious Florida oranges, you can order them fresh here at Orange Ring. We offer monthly deliveries of this yummy fruit through our Fruit of the Month clubs. Each of our Florida oranges are handpicked and guaranteed fresh. Order the highest quality Indian River oranges today through orangering.com.