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Amazing Health Benefits of Orange Peels

orange peel health benefitsWhen you think of a sweet (or tart) Florida orange, you don’t think about munching on an orange peel. However, in addition the the health benefits of the meat inside Florida oranges, their peels provide nutritional benefit as well! After reading this blog post, we hope that you think twice before throwing that orange peel away after enjoying your tasty Florida orange.

Consider the following:

  • Orange peels contain over 60 types of flavonoids
  • Orange peels contain over 170 types of phytonutrients
  • Orange peels are rich in pectins, vitamins, minerals and fiber

Why are flavonoids, phytonutrients and pectins important? They help prevent disease in your body and provide important antioxidants. They also show to have anti-inflammatory benefits, help your cardiovascular system and support your nervous system.

In addition to the nutrients they posses, orange peels also:

  • Help with weight loss. How? The peel contains fiber and is low in calories, which adds bulk to your foods and makes you want to eat less.
  • Help with respiratory problems. Orange peels have been found effective in treating respiratory problems such as asthma, bronchitis, lung cancer and the flu. Eating orange peels expels phlegm out of the lungs and contains a natural histamine.
  • Get rid of bad breath.  Instead of chewing on sugary gum the next time you want clean, fresh breath- consider an orange peel! Orange peels also help whiten teeth and help with sensitive teeth. Chewing, rubbing or applying as a paste will give all these benefits.
  • Help with cancer. Orange peels reduce your risk of skin cancer, breast cancer and colon cancer.
  • Act as a natural skin treatment. If you want to reduce the look of blemishes and dark spots on your skin, rub orange peels on the problem areas. You can also rub orange peels on your skin to help with sun burn and cleanse pores.
  • Improve heart health. The flavones in orange peels are helpful to your heart in that they lower your blood cholesterol levels and lessen inflammation.

If the taste of an orange peel is just to bitter for you, you can zest the orange peels and put on salads, vegetables and desserts. However you decide to eat orange peels, make sure you don’t throw away this important part of Florida oranges! Increase your health by making a new years resolution to eat more orange peels with your oranges today. Order your fresh picked Florida oranges online at orangering.com.