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Why Oranges in Your Christmas Stocking?

florida oranges christmasWhen you were growing up, did you ever receive a Florida orange in your Christmas stocking?

The tradition putting oranges in a Christmas stocking goes back to the story of St. Nicholas back in the 4th century. The origin of oranges in stockings follow this tale:

“One day, Nicholas met a poor man who could not provide dowries for his three daughters, so they could not get married. Nicholas, being both charitable and kind, decided to do something about it. He came to their home the next night and threw three bags of gold for their dowries down the chimney. The bags landed in the stockings the girls had hung to dry in front of the fireplace. In the morning, the girls found the gold in their stockings and were overjoyed. They were now able to marry. Oranges symbolize the bags of gold at the bottom of the stockings.”

Before the 19th century, oranges were a rare, expensive and exclusive treat only for the rich. To receive a orange in your stocking or as a gift was a very special treat.

If you didn’t get an orange in your stocking, did you receive Florida oranges as a gift for Christmas?

Once the citrus boom occurred in Florida, Indian River oranges became a wonderful treat to send to loved ones. Indian River oranges enjoy a 100 year history of being a shipped gift fruit. Oranges represent sunshine so to receive a little bit of sunshine during the winter was a wonderful treat. Indian River oranges were known as the best, juiciest and highest quality. That’s where Orange Ring comes into play. Orange Ring is part of a family owned company that has been in business since 1914 growing, packing and shipping delicious fresh Florida citrus and fruit baskets direct to your door.

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